What Is Zoono?

How can Zoono help to Protect You, Your Family, or Your Staff Against Germs?

Zoono are a fellow New Zealand company who, with the recent pandemic, have become global experts in sanitisation. Their unique technology protects surfaces against 99% of germs and lasts for up to 30 days, WITHOUT the use of alcohol or harsh ingredients!

Sound to good to be true? We promise it isn’t, but you’re probably not the first to think this, so let us explain a bit more about how it works…

Instead of using high quantities of alcohol to chemically kill germs like typical sanitiser and disinfectant products; Zoono’s sanitisers are water-based and use a unique antimicrobial molecule derived from sand, called Quaternary ammonium compound (QAC), as the active ingredient.

This molecule is then synthetically activated, which allows it to physically bond to any surface and kill any germ that it comes into contact with. Much like a popping bubbles, Zoono’s active ingredient physically pops germs, killing them instantly, and once they have burst, they cannot reform and multiply. This rupturing means the cell cannot mutate which also prevents the development of ‘superbugs’.

Zoono technology also combats dampness and mold in homes – a huge problem in NZ homes that contributes to reduced immunity and exacerbates asthma. Zoono works to eliminate mold spores without using any toxic chemicals improving the overall health of your family.

Has It Been Scientifically Proven?

YES! The Zoono formula we use for Virus Protection treatments (Z-71 Microbe Shield) has been extensively tested by over 100 independent laboratories and successfully proven 99% effective against a wide variety of germs including E.Coli, Salmonella, Norovirus, H1N1 (Swine Flu), Mers, SARS, Trichophyton ( Athlete’s Foot Fungi) and Ebola.

Zoono also conforms to regulations from around the world and has passed PAS 2424, EN13697, EN1276 and EN1650 amongst many more antimicrobial efficacy tests.

Whilst it is deadly for a wide range of germs, bacteria and pathogens, it is completely safe to use around people of all ages, from newborn to elderly, pets and house plants, as there are no toxic or harsh chemicals used in the formula.

How Do We Apply Zoono To Your Home Or Workspace?

We use an application method called ‘fogging’ – which is a process of misting the product onto surfaces. It means we can cover rooms of all sizes effectively and efficiently, ensuring we get into all the hard to reach spaces that you have not thought to be harbouring all sorts of nasties.

We also hand-spray high touch surfaces like taps, handles and light switches to give extra protection to places germs will come into contact with more often. After your initial application, your home or office will be protected for 30 days or more.

Your initial application will also include an ‘ATP’ test which gives an accurate read on the bacteria counts within your space, and from this we can devise a protection plan to suit.

Generally, we recommend customers have Zoono applied every 3 months – in some cases you can stretch to 6 months with hand application on high touch surfaces included with your regular clean to extend the protection.


Check out our Virus Protection page, or if you’re reading this and want to give it a go in your home or workplace today, then get in touch with us for a FREE no-obligations quote!

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