How To Clean A Leather Couch

A leather couch is luxurious and if you want to make sure it stays that way you have to know how to clean leather. Wear and tear, of course, is inevitable but as long as you clean and care for your leather properly the material will only improve with age. Leather requires regular care toContinue reading “How To Clean A Leather Couch”

Where Germs Hide…

7 Spots your Often Miss While Cleaning So, you clean your house regularly – kitchen is wiped down, dishes are done, carpets are vacuumed, bathrooms are cleaned, beds are made, and the laundry is put away. “Hooray” you say as you pat yourself on the back and sit down to put your feet up. ButContinue reading “Where Germs Hide…”

What Is Zoono?

How can Zoono help to Protect You, Your Family, or Your Staff Against Germs? Zoono are a fellow New Zealand company who, with the recent pandemic, have become global experts in sanitisation. Their unique technology protects surfaces against 99% of germs and lasts for up to 30 days, WITHOUT the use of alcohol or harsh ingredients!Continue reading “What Is Zoono?”